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We only carry products that we've personally researched & found to have the highest quality & purity.  We offer:

  • Herbs & herbal remedies

  • Essential oils & specialty blends

  • CBD 

  • Vitamins

  • Flower remedies

  • Cleanses

  • Protein shakes

  • Nutritional supplementation

       And more!​

Herbal Medicine

Essential oils have been prized as remarkable flavors, fragrances and most notably as potent remedies.  Wellness seekers have discovered that when these precious aromatic liquids are delivered in their original, unaltered state, they profoundly and safely cleanse, protect, rejuvenate and elevate the body and mind.  We only use 100% authentic and pure oils backed by the SureSource guarantee, a practice that absolutely verifies essential oil authenticity back to cultivation, harvest and original distillation.  


Learn how to use these oils effectively and gain their maximum benefit at a workshop or individual consultation.  

Need help with weight management? We like to focus on lifestyle change, this involves diet, exercise, sleep, plus supplementation tailored to your body's specific needs. There is no one size fits all method to weight loss, every body is different, we can help you on your journey to achieve your weight loss goals

Weight Loss