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Pet Health

Dog & Cat Pals

We offer Pet Health Testing & Analysis! This is an awesome comprehensive health assessment tool that will tell you what your pet needs in order to achieve optimal health. It's as simple as collecting saliva & fur & sending it off to the lab. The scan will test 58 different organs for internal stress on the body & organs, hormonal imbalances, food & environmental sensitivities, nutritional imbalances, allergens, bacteria, viruses, molds, chemicals, metals & parasites. If your pet is struggling with health issues, this test is for you! You may also want to have one done for your young and/or healthy pet to have as a comparison tool for later. We have a sample report in the store, feel free to come check it out, it's very impressive!


We also offer tick testing! If you pull a tick off of your pet (or even a human) & you're feeling a little nervous about what that bugger just did to your pet, we can send it off to the lab for testing, as long as it is within a month and a half of you finding them. Just put that nasty thing in a little plastic baggie, bring it in & we'll handle the rest.



Because there are a myriad of different allergens or toxins that manifest as allergic reactions, it can be difficult to pinpoint. As a general rule, I always recommend a raw food diet, filtered/RO water & non-toxic products in the home & on your pet. Switching just these things can drastically reduce allergies as well as a lot of other problems. If your pet is still struggling then there are some things I have found to work really well, check them out here or stop in!

To find definitively what is causing your pet's allergies (as well as other imbalances) our Pet Health Testing & Analysis is a great way to go.

Separation anxiety? Stress? Fear?

We carry pet CBD along with some awesome herbal remedies that have proven to work really well for pets struggling with fear, anxiety & stress. We can suggest a regimen based upon your pets' needs, call or come in, we'd love to help!

We have many solutions, remedies & alternatives that we've used for our own pets as well as our clients' with great success.

We carry:

  • Herbal remedies

  • Flower essences

  • CBD

  • Aromatherapy 


Stop in or call, we'd love to help you!

Rescue Puppy

What About Diet?

As with humans, diet & lifestyle play the most significant role in our fur babies health. Proper nutrition is vital for optimal health & sadly it is not found in commercial pet food. The idea is simple; a dog or cat in the wild hunts, kills & eats their prey, this is the diet their bodies require. How do we achieve this for our domesticated pets? Carrying this out may not be as simple to some, BUT, it is TOTALLY worth it! I think of it as an investment, I am either paying into my pup's health now or I will be paying large Vet bills later when she's sick.  After everything I've learned & experienced with my own animals, I have found the raw food diet is the diet most like what they eat in the wild & is the food that provides them with optimal health. This way of eating can produce some significant changes in your pets health, especially with chronic issues. One of my dogs fur was dull, constantly matting & just felt gross, this has all changed through feeding her the raw food diet. She also struggled with digestive issues which have all since cleared up. If you're not already, I would highly encourage you to look into this for your pet. For the recipe & to read more about this click here:  

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